All Parallels - Formulate A Tragedy (Cover Artwork)

All Parallels

Formulate A Tragedy (2004)

Law of Inertia

If All Parallels were a high school student, they would be that kid who gets the answers to a test, but makes sure not to get every answer right in hopes of raising no suspicions about his sudden academic prowess. The problem is that All Parallels are a power rock outfit and the rules for cheating on tests do not apply to song writing.

Throughout Formulate A Tragedy All Parallels employ solid song writing techniques. They show that they have a good understanding of riffs, complex rhythms, and melodic vocal lines (which despite what their press release claims, are NOT on par with Weezer or Elvis Costello) but for some reason decide to throw some wrong answers into the mix and ruin what could be a perfectly good rock song.

On the opening track "Work" the band starts off with a solid rocker full of technical, almost awkward sounding rhythm and heavy chugging guitar. When the vocals kick in they are right on target. Then out of nowhere comes a breakdown with echoed falsetto vocals and a cheesy wood block filled drumbeat. Again on "All Nighter" the band bangs out some melodic riffs, fuzzy bass, and powerful drumbeats before vocals that come off sounding like a teenager trying to imitate Daryl Palumbo and a solo that sounds like it would have been more at home on an Aerosmith song sneak up and ruin it. Many other songs like "World We Be Living In" dabble in so many cock rock/metal clichés that Limp Bizkit could probably cover them without having to change much.

While most of the songs are unable to stand as complete successes some, like "Marrow," are good tracks from start to finish and hint at what All Parallels are capable of as musicians. Unfortunately it's not enough to salvage the rest of Formulate A Tragedy.