Goldfinger - Stomping Ground (Cover Artwork)


Stomping Ground (2000)


I first listened to this album last week, and I am convinced that this is the best of all of Goldfinger's cds. All fans of Goldfinger should give it a listen and even if you've never heard the band and want to listen to them, this is the perfect album to start with. Here is a list of all the songs on the cd with a review for each one:

1. I'm Down- a slower song but packs a good melody, and is a great way to start off the cd.
2. Pick a Fight- picks up some speed, and is an alright song, that's about it.
3. Carry On- this song has more of that mellow ska beat that's found on Hang-Ups, it also kind of sounds like a Sugar Ray song but we'll let that slide.
4. The End of the Day- starts of slow then speeds up and is a mediocre song.
5. Don't Say Goodbye- This is my personal favorite song on the album. A good beat and the chorus is very catchy.
6. Counting The Days- This is my second favorite song it is also the first single off the cd. It's another pretty catchy song.
7. Bro- SUCKS! A lot of screaming and yelling and...this is just a cd filler.
8. San Simeon- this another kind of ska-ish song, but it's a good one.
9. You Think It's a Joke- another ok song, it's one of those songs that sound like a bunch of other songs by punk bands just with different lyrics.
10. Foregiveness- another ok song that you've probably heard a million times by other bands, but tolerable.
11. Margaret Ann- A slower song but still a good one.
12. Get Away- hmmmm..... it's ok, not too fast not to slow.
13. 99 red Balloons- Third best song on cd, great cover of the 80's new wave hit.
14. Donut Dan-not a song just a cd filler.

All in all it's a fun cd to listen to whether you are blasting it in your car, at a party, or just privately on headphones.