Millencolin - For Monkeys (Cover Artwork)


For Monkeys (1997)

Burning Heart

Easy on me, this is my first review. After Life on a Plate, Millencolin had high spectations for their next album that was going to be released in summer 1997, I was so fucking anxious.

The album begins with a perfect introduction of what the album is gonna be and how it’s gonna sound. Very creative song, it tells the audience how the guys from the band feel when they’re recording and working for the album (we’re under stress again but it’s always been that way). The first lyrics tell us what kind of music it’s gonna be played and it’s a little story about the album. Personally I think that Puzzle is one of the best songs in this album, it’s very creative with lots of feeling and very catchy.

Song #2 is a hit, Lozin’ Must (you’ve heard this one) is a catchy song with great lyrics, I think that Nikola’s best lyrics are the lyrics he wrote for this album. The album goes on with a bit of ska in songs like “Random I am” or “Monkey Boogie” (This is a song that people love or hate, I personally don’t enjoy this song).

This album is a complete softcore album, well done, high standard recording and great sound, very technical, not too talented but very good. My favorites are “Boring Planet”, “Twenty Two” and “Trendy Winds” (This song has the greatest choruses, if you enjoy to choruses you’ll love this one). Millencolin (thanks to this album) was my favorite band for two years until I started listening to bands like Dead Kennedys, Minor Threat or my favorite, Bad Religion.

This album is fucking great, for real, but it is far from perfection. An 8 is a fair score.