Olivia The Band - Olivia The Band (Cover Artwork)

Olivia The Band

Olivia The Band (2005)

Brentwood / BMG

Musically, Olivia The Band is reminiscent of bands like HomeGrown or Fenix TX. What that means is that while the parts are poppy and polished, they are also very predictable. You know where the build-ups are going, you know when the harmonies will kick in, and you know when the stops will occur. Yes, it is catchy, but it all just sounds way too familiar, like an album you've heard a hundred times before by pop-punk bands that just come and go.

Lyrically, let's just say Olivia The Band is a little less covert about their beliefs than bands like Underoath or mewithoutYou. Lines like "Now Jesus is here first time around / He turned a cheek / This time around / The sword unsheathed / The battle fought / The war is won / Devil done / God's kingdom come / Jesus has won" or "Sing along with angels as they cry 'thank you for life,'" can come off sounding heavy-handed and are sure to alienate some listeners.

Olivia The Band does nothing to improve upon a pop-punk sound that was established years ago. Instead, they just continually send a bucket down into a well that has long been dry.