Seemless - Seemless [reissue] (Cover Artwork)


Seemless [reissue] (2005)

Equal Vision / Losing Face

I hate introductions. It's almost like the band got together after recording everything and said "Hey, you know that track we were working on that never turned into anything? Let's put that on first! As like, an *introduction*." And then they do, and you skip it every time.

Seemless' eponymous debut album opens with a wandering intro, then fades into distinctly Creed-like vocals and an explosive chorus in "Something's Got To Give," a song that could serve as an anthem for any struggling band or the disenchanted masses ("love, sweet love will sustain us – all your money and possessions, they mean nothing …") Would it be too much here to draw a parallel to "Love Will Keep Us Alive" by the Eagles? Perhaps not.

Subsequent tracks like "The Wanderer" crowd vocals with over-condensed guitar and needlessly heavy percussion. "Soft Spoken Sanity" follows, but is not what the name suggests. "Endless" stands out as a song with a structure that goes somewhere, ending with a buzz and a shiver. "All Is Not Lost" is a beautiful instrumental track, my favourite on the CD, but it sounds totally out of place. The majority of the rest of the songs explode early and rock hard but sound the same, and are, essentially, loud noise about nothing.