Millencolin - Pennybridge Pioneers (Cover Artwork)


Pennybridge Pioneers (2000)


I have been a huge fan of Millencolin since the classic, "Life On A Plate." I have all of their full-length's including the rare,"Mellancholy Collection." I was stoked the day this album came out, and was probably one of the first ones to get it. All I can say about this album is that it's an amazing cd, that shows what an innovative band Millencolin really is. This album doesn't contain much ska, but it does mix Millencolin's genuine punk sound with the band's newer indie rock influences. Songs like, "Fox" "Material Boy" and "Right About Now" could easily fit in with Millencolin's older work, while songs like "No Cigar" "Penguins and Polarbears" "Devil Me" and "Duckpond" best show their more indie/alternative side. This cd even has a ballad titled oddly enough, "The Ballad," which may sound corny to some of the more hardcore punkers, but infact is an excellent song. I've heard many people criticize them for "selling out" their sound. But I think this is one of those cases where the sound change of a band is more genuine. These indie influences could also be heard on "For Monkeys," but not as distinctly. The only song I didn't really like was "The Mayfly," but it's not unbearable.

Unlike other bands, who's names won't be mentioned, (Blink 182) that forced their way onto mtv and teen bop magazines, Millencolin has managed to become one of the most well known bands in the punk scene without any of that BS. In the long run, i think Millencolin will continue to make album great albums andbe one of the best in the scene.