Some Girls - The DNA Will Have Its Say (Cover Artwork)
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Some Girls

The DNA Will Have Its Say (2005)

Three One G

A group comprised out of members from the Locust, Give Up The Ghost, the Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower and Unbroken really can do no wrong. Some Girls' latest release, The DNA Will Have Its Say, only provides more evidence to attest to this. In all of its six-minute glory.

Keeping in the habit of having amusing lyrics, The DNA Will Have Its Say has a lot of weird shit to offer; "Friends forever fucking each other's fuck-friends," "Back home they think I'm queer, but no one's yet to notice here," and "Hot boys with toys on their arms don't mean no harm / They merely mean to impress, to show you what they undress." With an already amazing lineup, adding the Yeah Yeah Yeah's Karen O. into the mixture for the album's title song only adds to the chaotic hardcore punk sound Some Girls achieve.

With most tracks barely longer than a minute long, Some Girls haven't tarnished their image from their full-length, All My Friends Are Going Death. The band's ability to distance themselves from their other work is notable as well, having only a small amount of grind influence in their sound. They've even got bunnies and rainbows in their distinct and unique album art. This album is definitely something to get while the getting's good before they release their next full-length on Epitaph.