Goldfinger - Hang - Ups (Cover Artwork)


Hang - Ups (1997)


Goldfinger, goldfinger, goldfinger, what can I say? This band is amazing. Goldfinger have been my favorite band for awhile! Although I personally find this album alot weaker then other releases by Goldfinger, it is still amazing!

This album is mostly ska, but there is also a little punk. I personally am a bigger fan of punk then ska so of course I prefer "Stomping Ground," and "Goldfinger" by Goldfinger, but this album is also great. This album shows just how talented John, Charlie, Darrin and Simon (this is Simon's last album for Goldfinger on bass) are. It shows that they can be a punk and a ska band at the same time. This album kicks off great with "Superman." This song is probably Goldfinger's most popular song, but I personally find it quite weak compared to alot of there other songs. Most of the songs on this release are ska, but there are a few punk tunes such as "My Head," "Question," "Disorder" and "S.M.P."

My favorite song on "Hang - Ups" would have to be "My Head" because it is alot more punk then ska. Also it is very catchy. I also have to mention that another great song is "Disorder." Other favorites on this release would have to be "This Lonely Place," " I Need To Know" and of course "Chris Cayton." All in all, this is a great album to buy if you are a fan of Goldfinger or ska. Like I said, Goldfinger is my favorite band, and it's great that they do various types of music. But I highly recommend if you are just getting into Goldfinger to go buy Goldfingers Self Titled release. That is my favorite album ever, and "Hang Ups" is closely followed. Once again, I give it up for the wonderful Goldfinger!