Unwritten Law - Oz Factor (Cover Artwork)

Unwritten Law

Oz Factor (1996)


A while back, I reviewed Unwritten Law's latest self-titled album. I bashed it hard, calling it "the definition of mediocrity" or something like that. There were a couple people that agreed with me, but most thought I was completely crazy.

Fast forward a bit to about 2 weeks ago. I'm wandering through the cd store looking for something to buy that I've haven't heard yet. I didn't want the new Good Riddance yet cause I just got my "Operation Pheonix" cd back from a friend and was happy with it for the moment, so I decided to wander a little more. I came across "Unwritten Law's "Oz Factor" and decided to give them another chance. A lot of times, a band's older stuff is way better than their new(BR,GD,SW). Such is the case with UL.

This CD was on Epic and produced by Greg Graffin, but it doesn't sound as radio friendly and crystal clear as their new self titled did. There are some really good songs on here.My three favorite are "Suzanne", a very, VERY, catchy song that I would recomend to anyone who would like to get a punk rock girl named Suzanne in the sack, "Denied", an alt-punk song that'll have you on your invisible pogo-stick in no time, and "Rejected", a great melodic speed song with cool lyrics. Other songs like "Differences", "Tell Me Why" and "Oz Factor" are really good as well. Also, I could have sworn I saw them playing the song "Superman" on a show called On Tour a long, long time ago. Who knows, I could have been drunk.

So, this proves one can change his opinion about a band after doing some more research (aka listening). Some of you may like their newer sound better, but I prefer the older Unwritten Law. It's good, So-Cal style punk with a definite Bad Religion influence. I've heard good things about Blue Room" as well, and after getting "Oz Factor", I might just pick that one up too.