Saves the Day - Can't Slow Down (Cover Artwork)

Saves the Day

Can't Slow Down (1998)

Equal Vision

WOW... This is the record that got me hooked on these guys. I had always enjoyed the bands on Equal Vision so one day while i was just looking around for nothing in particular i ran in to this cd. At first i just passed it off assuming it was some shitty mainstream rock band (as most are in this record store) since i had never heard fo them (and i dont think ANYONE had). But then as i looked at the back i saw that they were on Equal Vision so I thought what the hell? and i bought it. As soon as i got home i put it in the CD player and was very suprised at what i heard. Not a heavy-hardcore band like i had suspected (considering the Equal Vision label on the back) but what i heard was a nice melodic-hardcore band which reminded me so much of Lifetime. The main difference between Saves the Day and Lifetime is the vocals. Though both Ari (Lifetime) and Chris (Saves the Day) are very into the songs, Chris's voice is much softer and not as rough as Ari's therefore it doesn't seem like he is "scringing" (thats my word for scream singing) but if you ever get to see these guys live you'll see how into it he really gets. Well enough about who they sound like on to the songs!

The album starts off with a heavy guitar that is quickly followed by a fast paced high pitched riff, then the drums come in and then the singing. This is a fast melodic hardcore song that is very Lifetimeish. The next song which is also featured on the "East Coast Hardcore Vs. West Coast Hardcore" compilation is called "The Choke". It is much slower than the first track but is a fast paced song which breaks down near the end. Up next is "Handsome Boy", a very short but sweet song about Chris wishing he looked like someone else. "Blindfolded" is the next song to play and it kind of reminds me of track 2 "The Choke" mixed with the first song "Deciding". This song is one of my favourites. It is constantly going back and forth between fast drum beats and slower drums beats all held together by smooth guitar riffs. Very catchy. The next song is "Collision" and it is my favourite on the album. It is by far the fastest one therefore making it the favourite of many people who are into faster stuff like Good Riddance and NOFX. The reason it is my favourite is #1 i enjoy faster music and #2 the guitar work on this song is excellent, mixing fast and furious with lighter poppier stuff. Now from one extreme to the next, "Three Miles Down" is an acoustic song with just a guitar and Chris singing. this is a very good song. I'm suprised this wasn't the last track however i guess it was a little short at only 1:36. Next is a song that is more in the style of those found on "Through Being Cool". I dont like the music as much on this one but Chris's vocals make up for that and more. He is an excellent singer who can take this song which has a rather weak backbone of music and turn it into a very good one. "Nebraska Bricks" is next up. This song is another fast paced dandy. The song is about having problems with you're family and wanted to just get away from it all by using music. "cuz after call that happens in a dissolving family the need for a song to sing me to sleep still rings true" says it all for that song. Track 9 is titled "Seeing It This Way". This is another song that reminds me of Lifetime once more. Number ten on this disc is called "Hot Time In Delaware" this song is alright but it isn't one that stands out on the album. Next is a song that begins the best chunk of the record. #11 titled "Houses And Billboards" is an amazing song. It starts out fast and upbeat then slowly gets slower and slower until there is just a guitar and the odd sound of a snare drum here and there. The next track "Obsolete" is another one of my favourites. It is once more a fast song. This time in the middle of the song everything cuts out but the guitar and Chris's vocals [my fav. part:)] then everything comes back in and it finishes as fast as it started."Sometimes, New Jersey" is the 2nd last song and the shortest. First few times around this was my favourite song. The las song is genius. "Jodie" mixes the sounds of guitars tuned down to drop d with the normal Saves the Day riffs. This is the longest song on the cd at 4:36.

And there you have it. I highly recommend this album to anyone who is a fan of punk, emo, and hardcore. Even if you hate Saves the Day I think you may like this album and hey..who's gonna know you were listening to them?

OK, I think thats enough info for you kiddies so i guess ill go do something useful with my time, no i won't.