Rx Bandits - Progress (Cover Artwork)

Rx Bandits

Progress (2001)


While I was a bit skeptical about a ska "concept album" having to do with the progression of technology, I must say that Progress is a truly excellent CD. Matt Embree takes his mix of punk, ska, and reggae to a new level with 13 powerful songs (Track 1 is 28 seconds of sounds). The first music track, "Consequential Apathy," is a lot different than what you'd expect to hear from the Bandits. It rocks just as hard, just without ska. "Analog Boy" was the first song released to fans on the website, and is a killer song to boot. "Progress," "Status," and "Get" are other highlights of this effort. The RxBandits have proven themselves better than just another Sublime-influenced Ska meets Punk meets Reggae band. This is, in my opinion, one of the best album's of the year so far.