The Stooges - Raw Power (Cover Artwork)
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The Stooges

Raw Power (1973)


RAW POWER; the title says it all. If you don't have this record (along with Funhouse) you simply haven't heard some of the best rock'n'roll of all time sung by the undisputed king of rock. This was the Stooges' last and most wildly energetic record (while Funhouse is often regarded as their masterpiece, which it is), and the ultimate soundtrack to a fucking riot. Turn on "Raw Power," "Search & Destroy," or "Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell" and you'd better have an outlet for the beast you're gonna let loose. I've literally put my fist through a wall and knocked over my TV listening to this record. Shit man, it makes you wanna break everything in sight and fuck your girlfriend. Okay, on to the record...

It's groovy, funky, intense, violent, and loud as hell. The Stooges were definitely far ahead of their time. Although there is a hint of classic hard rock to their sound, it is amped up to such a degree that it is barely recognizeable. I can't imagine what it must have been like hearing this stuff for the first time in the late 60's and early 70's; people must have thought this guy was a lunatic. The title track is the anthem to destroy all other anthems; "Raw power got a healin' hand, raw power can destroy a man, raw power is more than soul." All I gotta say is FUCK YEAH!!

It's all great, including "Death Trip," "Penetration," "Gimme Danger," and "I Need Somebody." Without this record (and 'Funhouse', wanna hammer that point home) there would be NO punk rock, NO metal, NO alternative, NO grind....whatever, anything loud and raw owes something to this record and forever will. So, if haven't got the point yet, go buy 4 copies of this and give them to anyone who hasn't heard it. Turn it up loud and feel the freak.