The Methadones / the Lawrence Arms - live in Chicago (Cover Artwork)

The Methadones / the Lawrence Arms

live in Chicago (2005)

live show

M Dubs

Simply put, this show was completely incredible. The Bottom Lounge is a great venue, and the four bands that played there Saturday night put on a kick ass, tons of fun punk show.

First up were the Matics. I had never heard of these guys coming in, but they were a pleasant surprise. Their music was a little more grungy than the other bands. They seemed to be having lots of fun, and gave away CDs in between songs. I couldn't tell you a single song title, but I can tell you they had some good ones and had me bobbing my head.

Next up were the Copyrights. Holy shit! In the words of Jeff Spicoli, these guys were Awesome! Totally Awesome! They play a style that is very similar to the Riverdales / Screeching Weasel / the Queers. The live show they put on was incredibly tight. They must have blasted through about 12 songs in 25 minutes, with killer back up vocals, catchy ass songs, and just a straight up no bullshit good time vibe. Check these fellas out if you get the chance, because they won't let you down.

Some band called the Larry Armstrongs was up next. For all the poor souls who wondered who the Larry Armstrongs were, this was a "secret" show by the Lawrence Arms. The only reason I figured this out was by running into them the previous week and hearing about this "secret" show. They also promised to be playing mostly new songs from their upcoming album, which they are currently working on.

Holy Christ. This had me excited all week, and the Lawrence Arms further proved why I think they are one of the most phenomenal bands in the scene today. They came out and blasted into "Necrotism," their contribution to the Rock Against Bush comp. That tune was followed by a wicked version of "Turnstiles." Brendan wasn't as mobile as he usually is due to his recent knee surgery, but they ripped shit up regardless. From there it was onto the new stuff, though I was having too good of a time to really pay attention to song titles. They did play one called "Cut It Up." But I can tell you that the new stuff is out of this world. It is amazing how the Lawrence Arms put out killer albums, and continue to keep topping themselves. I promise you their new album will destroy anything else in 2006. They haven't gotten experimental or changed anything too drastically. The new stuff sounds just like the Lawrence Arms should, and it's insanely good. They did take requests for one song and played "On With The Show." They closed with "Northside, The L&L, And Any Number Of Crappy Apartments." This performance was a treat for any TLA fans who were able to attend.

Just when you think it couldn't get any better...the Methadones take the stage! Man, these guys are so underrated. It was great to see them headlining and playing to a good hometown audience who really appreciates them. I believe they opened with "Say Goodbye To Your Generation." The rock continued non-stop from there. Their set focused mostly off tracks from their excellent, newest record Not Economically Viable. Highlights of the set included "TV World," "Mess We Made," "Bored Of Television," "Transistor Radio," and "Suddenly Cool." The hometown crowd ate it up and was singing along and jumping all over the place.

However, it was two non-Methadones songs that really got me and the rest of the crowd hopped up. During the middle of the set they busted out the Sludgeworth classic "Someday." Holy Schnikes did that bring the place down. Brendan from TLA came out to sing backup vocals, and all the kids in the place were singing the "whoa-ohs." It was one of the greatest single song performances I've ever seen. Not only that, but later in the set they cranked out "Make Way," which is originally by one of Schaefer's old bands the Riverdales. Those covers proved that Dan Schaefer is a brilliant man and a legend in the Chicago scene. He loves what he does and he does it better than almost anyone. The Methadones played with energy and passion and had the whole place rockin' and rolling.

Overall, it was definitely one of the best shows I've ever seen. It was such a blast with everyone singing along and enjoying themselves. I wish people from outside of Chicago could have been there, because it was truly a great evening, at a great venue in a great city with some of Chicago's finest.