Goldfinger - Goldfinger (Cover Artwork)


Goldfinger (1996)


Scot Steever

Goldfinger emerged into the music in 1996 with their self-titled debut album. Right around the time the album came out, the band released a popular single called "Here In Your Bedroom". As a freshman in High School, I remember liking the song, but didn't become a huge fan of the band until the release of Stomping Ground.

The album starts of somewhat fast-paced with a mediocre song called "Mind's Eye". "Here in Your Bedroom" is track 3, and then the really good songs start with track 5, called "King for a Day". This is a great song that for over 2 minutes is very mellow and then picks up the pace towards the end. Another great song is called "The City With Two Faces", which is a very hard and fast-paced song in which the band trashes the city of Los Angeles.

Many of the songs on this album go back and forth in terms of the mood of the album. It goes from a slow, eerie song like "Answers" to a thunderous, almost metal-like speed in songs like "Nothing To Prove".

The bottom line is that this is a great album, better than Hang-Ups, but not quite as good as Stomping Ground (in my opinion). If you are just starting to get into Goldfinger, get this album, its the first of hopefully many great albums by this kick-ass band!