Doomriders - Black Thunder (Cover Artwork)


Black Thunder (2005)


Okay. Look at the cover art to the right. That's how most of this album sounds. It blasts open with "Black Thunder" and I feel like I'm riding that beast of a horse. I'm holding that lightning bolt in one hand (sometimes I pretend it's a sword if I'm in the mood) and using all my might to reign in that beast with my other (I know homeboy has got a sickle in the art, but this is my review). Can you feel that? Can you put yourself on Black Thunder?

That should be enough to describe this band's sound, but I'm feeling generous, so I will throw one more word out there. galloping. From the guitar, to the bass, to the drums, all are galloping.

Now, the flow of the album is kind of botched with the slower "Midnight Eye," which has some singing that is reminiscent of Danzig. "Fuck This Shit," a rather forgettable song, follows it. The pace is brought up again for a couple tracks only to be dropped by the instrumental "Voice of Fire." None of those tracks are necessarily bad; they just get in the way of the general ass-kicking that's done by the rest of Black Thunder.

After the instrumental, I'm back up on the horse, galloping through the streets and wrecking shop for a couple tracks, before "Sirens" properly winds down and closes the album out.