Small Towns Burn a Little Slower - Mortality As Home Entertainment (Cover Artwork)

Small Towns Burn a Little Slower

Mortality As Home Entertainment (2005)

Triple Crown

Maybe it's my frustration over hearing so many bands that sound the same, maybe it is an attempt to change things up a bit, or maybe I am just feeling lazy, but I am going to do this point by point.

Start with 0.

+2 Points for having two song titles ("Alias: The Bee Keeper", "Wait For Me, Abby Bernstein") that are "Wet Hot American Summer" references.

-1 Point for having a typical pop-punk/post-hardcore sound that resembles a less talented Junction 18 or Voice In the Wire.

+2 Points for changing that sound up on songs like "Answers" with its piano fills and "Wake Up" with its noisy disco punk section.

+2 Points for not changing that sound up but making it work with great choruses on songs like "Last Blast Off" and "27 Guys Named Steve."

-1 Point for having a hidden track that sounds like a mix between the Faint and a bad Daft Punk song.

+1 Point for having Ed Rose (the Get Up Kids, Coalesce) produce the album and give it that sleek, yet powerful sound.

Total: 5

And what does a five mean? It means average, mediocre, middle of the pack. Small Towns Burn a Little Slower aren't anywhere near being the best at what they do, but believe me, there is a lot worse. These guys aren't the ones the teacher has to save from failing, nor do they score the accolades. Instead, they consistently bang out some C+ work.