Various - The Industry Standard [book] (Cover Artwork)


The Industry Standard 📕 (2005)

Inner Aspect Ratio / GC

With its completely black and white interior, mix of captivating and basic art, and connection to the underground culture, The Industry Standard is like a zine with a glossy cover, or a coffee table book of indie art. In its 96 pages you will find various pieces of painting, drawing, collage and writing. Some of the works are merely worth a quick glance, while others warrant a close inspection.

Published by Inner Aspect Ratio Press, a company that is hard to find info on (just see their website), the book contains contributions from over 25 artists and authors. You will find everything from a choose-your-own adventure comic and cut outs for paper dolls to obligatory anti-Bush collages, and beautifully detailed surrealist paintings. Unfortunately, not every piece is impressive. Instead, some of the art, including the cover drawing, comes off like sketches done during 4th period study hall.

What is also a little disappointing about the book is that there is not much space devoted to the written word. Aside from the occasional phrase placed within a piece of art, only one short story, reflections on the murders of young factory workers in Juarez, Mexico, and character sketches written around drawings of the people being discussed, make up the reading material here.

Because of the lack of type, The Industry Standard can be moved through rather quickly. It doesn't seem to be designed for close reading, or linear consumption, but instead is a collection that can be occasionally returned to for exploration. Just by flipping randomly you will find something of interest between the covers.

A well-constructed book consisting of interesting and diverse contributions that sometimes comes up short, The Industry Standard is well worth checking out.