Mest - Photographs (Cover Artwork)


Photographs (2005)


Chicagoianites Mest are back with their fourth full-length album for Maverick, and it's safe to say that no one thought it would be as ___________ (adjective) as this. For the better part of a decade, the band has been playing catchy, melodic pop-punk, which makes it no surprise and somewhat ___________ (adjective) that they would try and branch out into new territory.

A heavy Alkaline Trio vibe ___________ (verb) into many of the twelve tracks, and is especially evident in tracks like "Kiss Me, Kill Me" and "Graveyard." Citing influences such as NOFX and Jimmy Eat World, Mest is able to create a___________ (adjective) ___________ (noun) of sound. The opener "Take Me Away" harkens somewhat back to their early "ska" days, and is clearly the ___________ (noun) of the album. Unmistakably having no beef with the producer from their previous albums, Mest brings back John Feldmann once again, resulting in a sound that is ___________ (adjective).

Many critics make an argument that Mest's lyrics are ___________ (adjective), and Photographs is no exception. Like many bands in their genre, Mest has opted to go for a "darker" approach to this album. "Last Kiss" emotes, "Stare at you as you slit my wrist / and as we share our last kiss / hold me as we die / empty bottle to deal with this." "Can't Take This" is filled with sentiments of loneliness and confusion, such as "No one believes in me / no one sees what I see / should I just erase this all from my memory?" Words rhyming with "me" are used frequently, ___________ (verb ending with –ing) the overall effect.

Surprises are ___________ (adjective) present at every corner of Photographs. Guitar tones and vocal lines take cues from Robert Smith on "Tonight Will Last Forever." "This Time" starts with only an acoustic guitar before ___________ (verb ending with –ing) into the climax. "Can't Take This" features a relaxed and spacious first half, which really fits the ___________ (noun) of the song.

Overall, Phototgraphs is a ___________ (adjective) ___________ (noun) over their last album, 2003's self-titled. It's safe to say that ___________ (plural noun) ___________ (verb) ___________ (adjective) ___________ (noun).