Bad Religion - Recipe For Hate (Cover Artwork)

Bad Religion

Recipe For Hate (1993)


This is a landmark album for Bad Religion. If you heard this when It first came out like I did, chances are you were really suprised.

The sound of this album changed slightly. Which took some getting used to, Not quite as fast paced as all their previous albums....and they also incorporated some sounds you never heard from these guys before.

The record starts off with the title track "Recipe for Hate" which is a totally awesome and still one of my favorites on the album. Then it goes on to "Kerosene" which keeps the speed going for them...The 3rd song "American Jesus" struck them with temporary success and remains the most well known song on the record.

One of the most misunderstood songs on the album is "Man on a Mission" which is more less a fast country song, And this sounds strange but I really like it. you can sense other changes on the record too; for example this is the 2nd recording with their new drummer Bobby Schayer. And he sounds completely different than Pete Finestone which still caught a lot of fans off guard.

Another big ruckus raised by fans about this album was song #7 "Watch it Die" which has Eddie Vedder, on guest vocals. You might remember Eddie from his work in a little band called Pearl Jam.

From what I have heard from other people - my opinion is backward on this one - most people I talk to, think This album sucks and is their worst. While I love most of the songs and think this is one of their best.

This is also the record the band was labeled the hated term, "sellout" because of their jump to Atlantic records mostly. Why bad religion moved...I still do not know. But, they sure didn't do it for fame. We all know they could have been super rockstars if they wanted, but I guess the band has always been happy where they have been for the last 20 years.

Well, I'm sure the comments on this will be kinda divided with some hating it, and some loving it. But its one of my favorite albums by a band who will never die. They have been around as long as I have and they dont show signs of slowing down yet.