Snuff - Tweet Tweet My Lovely (Cover Artwork)


Tweet Tweet My Lovely (1998)

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I've never been a big fan of reviews done by super fans (full disclosure: I own 7 Snuff CDs) but I had to do something. One of my favorite bands is being slandered in their only other review on this page.

Snuff is a fantastic melodic punk band that's been rocking for over 15 years from England, where they are wildly popular. Their appeal seems to have been missed by most Yanks and Canucks, but luckily Fat Mike at Fat Wreck is a huge fan, so at least those of us who get it, can!

"Tweet Tweet" is probably their finest work. The first three songs absolutely destroy, and from there on out we get to hear Snuff's patented mix of pop, punk, and hardcore. They can rock and then suss out a pure joyous pop number like "All You Need."

Few other punk bands can hold down an organ player and a tromobonist and do it this well, especially without sounding remotely like a bad ska-punk band or sounding like their music parts have been tossed on to the song just to have them contribute.

Like the variety in music, Snuff also gives up a variety in lyrics. They can get sentimental and lonesome on "Take Me Home" or just silly on "Arsehole" (refrain: "We're all arseholes. We're a bunch a wankers")

Give Snuff a fair shake and give them the attention they deserve.