Descendents - I Don't Want to Grow Up (Cover Artwork)


I Don't Want to Grow Up (1985)


The Descendents have always been a favorite with me...I first heard the song "ride the wild" on some skate punk tape way back in '91. And I've been a fan ever since.

This is probably my favorite Descendents release to date....changed a bit from their earlier records, a bit more poppy here...kind 0f ironic though this seems to be the record they kinda "grew up" on.

It begins with a song just titled, "descendents" and on to great songs such as "i dont want to grow up", the strange but appealing song "rockstar" the fucking hilarious song "no fat beaver" and the song that drew me to this record "ace" I dont know, but on most of my punk mix seem to find that song, I love it.

When i first got into punk some 10-12 years ago, the descendents were one of the bands who really got me into punk in the first place....They seem to be one of those seminal bands who even though no longer really together, they seemed to have never left us. And are considered to be one of the founding bands of punk in general.

This album is probably the most liked by descendents fans....which I can agree, this has a more melodic approach with better guitar and drum work...and milos' voice is very distinct its nearly unmistakable.

With most of their material I can play some records and then others, and cant really believe its the same band in some cases....but even though all their albums are great, this one to me is by far the best...mainly because I was so influenced by this album alone.

I know most of you own "everything sucks" or have heard it somewhere along the line....But Im just drawn to the older stuff they have done....Milo goes to college, enjoy, ALL, each record different, but retains the descendents edge....I recommend you check out their early years...Its strangely appealing.

No fat beaver, no fat beaver...swear I'm gonna leaver her...just cant stand that beaver.