Some Girls - Heaven's Pregnant Teens (Cover Artwork)

Some Girls

Heaven's Pregnant Teens (2006)


Most readers on this site already know the deal with Some Girls: Ex-members of highly influential screamo/hardcore bands form "supergroup" and tear ass through minute-long songs with stellar easiness and complexity that is unrivaled by its peers. For the few who are new to Some Girls, pick up the members' former and current bands' (American Nightmare / Give Up the Ghost, the Locust, the Plot to Blow Up the Eiffel Tower) albums and play them all at the same time. The result is total dischord, chaos, and noise...but every once in a while, every song will come together to make an intense and brutal progression. That is what Some Girls is.

Keeping along the same style and brevity as their previous albums (All My Friends Are Going Death, The DNA Will Have Its Say), Heaven's Pregnant Teens dwells on complexity for the most part ("Warm Milk," "Skull's Old Girlfriends") with coinciding moments of repetitious downstrokes ("Beautiful Rune," "You'll Be Happier..."). Anyone who enjoyed their previous releases will be pleased to know there is nothing "new" on this release, a good sign when the band's sound is so unique. The only noticeable difference on this album is Wes's screaming vocals are sometimes toned down to an almost intelligible level.

Some Girls is definitely an acquired taste for most listeners. If you grew up with great screamo and hardcore, you'll most likely dig this latest record. But it also serves as a great starting point for anyone looking to diversify their genres. Great album and a big thumbs up for the cover of PiL's "Religion II."