Hell Is For Heroes - Transmit Disrupt (Cover Artwork)
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Hell Is For Heroes

Transmit Disrupt (2006)

Burning Heart

On Hell Is For Heroes' Transmit Disrupt, we find a recent Burning Heart signing that could've just as easily fit on the Lujo Records roster. What this means is impressively dense post-hardcore with a soft Fugazi influence spread conservatively throughout that requires repeated listening but rewards sufficiently.

Hell Is For Heroes' song structure could certainly use a bit of work, but they know how to drop a well-placed hook where it needs to be, while songs like "Kamichi" exhibit strange time signatures and compelling rhythms. They clearly know how to create atmosphere without half-assed guitar swirling, instead going for multiple layers and cymbal-heavy percussion. The Muse nodding of "Quiet Riot" is quite helpful, serving up a grey and spacey, five-minute post-destruction landscape.

Some reviews have spotted a subtle influence from Refused, and while it's a bit outlandish to think of, there are spots where it's clear HIFH have definitely taken cues. The excellent "Models For the Programme" abruptly hints at Dennis Lyxzén's intense yelp in its chorus, as does the charged yells, few outright screams and simpler riffing of "Folded Paper Figures" and light electronics in "One of Us."

Transmit Disrupt may be in need of some more connection inside of its individual tracks and some time-wise trimming overall, but Hell Is For Heroes brew a thick, tasty stew here. Just be sure to spit out the bones.

One of Us

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