Hell is for Heroes started out on a dark autumn night in 2000. In west London, in the pubs of shepherds bush, they talked about bands they love and hate, traded mutual tales of nightmare day jobs, and discovered a bond between misfits.

From their earliest rehearsals, the only thing constant about the sound they made was the volume. The shows were chaotic, careless, and full of shameless passion.

Their acclaimed debut The Neon Handshake was released in early 2003 and earned unexpected critical praise from NME to The Guardian, including album of the year in Rocksound and the dubious honor of a top 20 UK chart place.

The band returned to the studio in 2004 on their own label with seminal punk producers Pelle Henricsson & Eskil Lövström (Refused, Poison the Well). The result was an album infused with a revolutionary punch and a deeper, darker side. year

With endless months of touring, Hell Is For Heroes have built a community of deeply loyal followers that has enabled them to become one of the only genuine self–sufficient rock bands in the UK. Drawing inspiration from Dischord to the Zapatistas, they continue to grow and reinvent themselves with every new song and every show. Through serious injury, reckless abandon and a rejection of almost everything they ‘ought’ to do, Hell Is For Heroes have established a track record of unbreakable resilience.