Dead Girls Ruin Everything - What a Perfect Ending (Cover Artwork)
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Dead Girls Ruin Everything

What a Perfect Ending (2006)


Dead Girls Ruin is a result of the 2 former Kansas power-pop bands Ultimate Fakebook (delivering the rhythm section) and Podstar (responsable for the vocal harmonies and dual guitars). This resulted in these 12 infectious rock songs that are not as punk as I might want them to be, but I can't deny that they managed to create a very melodic album that still has enough energy to make me like this quite a bit.

Although the Gamits' last album Antidote played in another league, for some reason I associate this album with it, because it's got that same feel of emotion, love for music and clever pop-songwriting in it. Although on the promo sheet that came with this there's comparisons with bands like Thin Lizzy, the Replacements and Elvis Costello; my guess is that people who like bands like the Break, Social Distortion and even Jawbreaker will dig this as well. What a Perfect Ending definitely has more of an American rock feel to it than the last mentioned, but is definitely a good buy for anyone who likes well-crafted and honest pop-rock music. It has a few magnificent moments in "Hot Blonde," "Never Too Late" and "Dropped Catch." There's quite a few songs that you'd think would fall in the category of being too sleazy, when all of a sudden a good hook or guitar lick is thrown in. Personally, I would have loved it even more if these hooks were there more abundant maybe. Finally, the fact that Stephen Egerton and Jason Livermore of Descendents/ALL had a hand in the production/mastering of this album can't be a coincidence.