Russian Circles - Enter (Cover Artwork)

Russian Circles

Enter (2006)


There was once a time when being in an instrumental rock band meant being completely ignored within the underground music community. Thanks to bands like Russian Circles however, that is no longer the case. Epic, dense, and powerfully emotive, Enter is easily one of the most musically accomplished releases to come along in recent memory.

Each of the album's six tracks are wide open soundscapes that are both dynamic and meticulously composed. One of this band's most striking features is their ability to seamlessly transition from crushing heaviness to delicate calm several times over within a single song. Album opener "Carpe" and title track "Enter" begin with subdued quiet passages that slowly build into monstrous walls of sound that envelope the listener. On "Death Rides a Horse" however, the band blasts off with a triumphant, galloping `80s metal riff; the kind Metallica only wishes they still knew how to write.

Russian Circles blend a wide range of genres and sounds effortlessly with breathtaking soft/loud dynamics in such a way that is entirely their own. Similar to fellow Chicago band Pelican, their music is able to make a strong emotional connection with audiences without ever having to say a word. Highly recommended.