The Ataris - End is Forever (Cover Artwork)

The Ataris

End is Forever (2001)

Kung Fu

Trisha Mazzi

The Ataris have been known to produce melancholy, but strangely appealing lyrics and songs that the typical punk rocker just can't get enough of. Kris Roe's heartfelt and soulful singing keeps us begging for more and more, which they often produce on every album. Their current album "End is Forever" is possibly one of their best yet. With catchy tunes such as "You Need a Hug" and "If You Really Care To Know About It..", no band can go wrong. Now with their official spot on the Vans Warped Tour '01, I'm sure we'll be seeing and (hearing) even more of these guys. Also, catch their edited and rewritten version of "The Radio Still Sucks" that is featured on one of those snazzy IMAC commercials that you see everytime you turn the TV on. Check out the official Ataris website with totally new gear at ! Keep the rad songs coming, boys.. and everyone be sure to add this highly anticipated album to your already large punk/emo collection.