Betrayed - Substance (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


Substance (2006)

Equal Vision

Betrayed play straight-edge hardcore and feature former members of Champion, Carry On, and Terror. Click -- you've just about pigeonholed the band's sound, heck, I have too in that description. The both of us are partially right, after all, as all those bands play fast, pissed off, and a little burly. Betrayed is the minor exception here, as they're the only ones seemingly in touch with mid-`80s emo; the likes of Embrace and Dag Nasty are spread throughout Substance, and that makes them stand out a bit.

2 of the 3 songs from the band's recent split with Champion reappear here, which is a little annoying, but they're in re-recorded form in the least. Luckily they're great songs, too. "Consequence" proves the style can provide some ultra catchy anthems, and it's preceded by like-minded sessions in the title track and the brief "Think Twice." "Work for It" is solid in this sense as well.

It's funny however how much octaves can make a difference, but especially in the case of the band's more thoughtful tracks, like "Bring It to Life" and "A Light in the Dark," it does. The surprising "The City Lights" and "Self Doubt" don't possess said octaves, but it moves at a more reflective pace and great chords nonetheless. "Crossroads" seems to dip between Betrayed's 2 distinct methods of operation, a fresh spot of ground to tread on.

The pedigree at hand here is going to get plenty of people excited, but the idea that Betrayed is exploring more varied musical territory than simply straight late `80s Revelation Records -- and on their debut, no less -- is the real reason to be impressed.