Terror - Always the Hard Way (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


Always the Hard Way (2006)


There are very few certainties in life, but they do exist:

  1. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes didn't really have a baby. Besides, everyone knows he's gay.
  2. Pam Anderson will have another boob job (which way they go is anyone's guess).
  3. "Trailer Park Boys" will only get funnier with every season.
We can add one more to the list: Terror will always sound like Terror.

Whoa! That's right -- I'm putting my cred (yeah, right) on the line. I'm saying it. Terror is going to be one of those consistently dependable bands that every music fan needs. Always the Hard Way is the Los Angeles' band's second full-length, adding to a small, but impressive collection of EPs and splits. For anyone familiar with their previous work, such as the stellar 2002 EP Lowest of the Low and 2004's One with the Underdogs, the band's latest effort won't be a surprise. What can I say -- it sounds like Terror.

For those who aren't in the know, Terror plays a ferocious blend of metal and hardcore. They often come really close to falling knee-deep into tough guy, and get their feet wet with it a few times. But heck, listen to this stuff and you'll see that it's an accomplishment to avoid a 100% tough guy takeover. Despite the nearly-constant double-bass drum pummeling, there's some real melody hiding somewhere in there along with loads of opportunities for fist-pumping, finger-pointing sing-alongs.

However, what makes Terror stand out from the pack -- besides the clear conviction and honesty in what they do -- is that if you don't take the few negative aspects of them too seriously, you can have a lot of fun with Always the Hard Way.