Leatherface/Hot Water Music - Split (Cover Artwork)

Leatherface / Hot Water Music

Split (1999)


I remember walking in the door to work one day and hearing this growling undistinguishable voice blasting out of the stereo. I ask my co-workers

"What the fuck is this?"
"Just some band from england called Leatherface" one replied."

I had heard of Leatherface in the past, but the music itself was new to me.

The first song I heard was "Wax Lyrical" And my jaw dropped, I was pretty amazed at this band, so sloppy sounding, but yet a lot emotion behind it.

As I started the CD over..I was hoping the other songs would blow me away like "wax lyrical" did. The song "andy" reassured me immediately. as did the others like "punch (drunk)" "eat her face" "deep green beautiful leveling" and "gang party". This made me a L-face fan right off, and I've been one ever since.

Ok, now on to Hot Water Music; actually they caught me by suprise, I hadnt even seen the cover of this CD yet, so I assumed what I was hearing was a full length Leatherface album, which was not the case. It's cool though because I had been a Hot Water Music fan for for years so some new HWM material was great to hear.

These have to be some of the best songs HWM has released to date. The band has always been known for the raw emotion they bring to their live shows and their albums as well. And this is a true testament to that fact.

To wrap it up, this was one of my favorites of '99 just a great record by two great bands, one, I've been a fan of for years, and a band I will be a fan of for years to come.