Broadway Calls - Call the Medic... (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Broadway Calls

Call the Medic... (2006)

State of Mind

With a rough pop-punk sound evidently taking cues from the likes of Smoke or Fire and the Loved Ones, Broadway Calls seem poised to steal hearts at the Orgcore parade -- now if only they could find the will to reach out and grab it.

The band falls back on a power-pop pace when it seems like a shot of adrenaline would serve them much, much better. The songs themselves aren't necessarily bad, but feel like they're missing some much, much needed energy. Broadway Calls feel a little tired on what could be real solid choruses in tracks like "Crosstown Meltdown" and "The Freedom Haters." I'm just not convinced when the words "We're goin' nowhere!" in the latter are sung -- actually, check that, I am (movement wise, of course).

What makes things interesting is that Broadway Calls contain two members of Oregon-based metal/hardcore upstarts Countdown to Life. Now, while Broadway Calls clearly reside more in the punk vein than Ty Vaughn and Josh Baird's other band, even just harnessing CTL's energy would honestly do Call the Medic... so, so well.

I'm really interested in what Broadway Calls could do if they wrote a few more songs that feel more lively and less fatigued. For now, things are competent, but just a little tired.

Crosstown Meltdown
The Freedom Haters
Fuck You Seattle
Save Our Ship