You Me and the Atom Bomb - Shake Up (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

You Me and the Atom Bomb

Shake Up (2006)

Household Name

It's always really reassuring to listen to a band and feel as though their musical tastes have largely developed alongside your own. Now, I don't know the members of You Me and the Atom Bomb, and I don't know what CDs they pop in while touring in their van, but I have the feeling our record collections would overlap somewhat. Musical tastes change, and as of late there are a number of bands making music I wouldn't have really been into seven years ago, is but all I want right now -- You Me and the Atom Bomb is one of those bands.

YMATAB's debut album, Shake Up, is clearly a product of a band from Leatherface's home country, and while they borrow somewhat from their fellow Britons in most regards, the band seems as though they would fit right in with Latterman, who they recently toured with (and got to sing back-up vocals on a few tracks), as well as the gruff, choppy, melodic sounds coming out of Gainesville. Apparently others agree, as they'll be appearing at this year's Fest V. Also mixed in there is some mid-`90s skatepunk -- think Satanic Surfers -- which gives the band a sound not too common in their scene.

While Shake Up lacks the kind of production that could highlight some of the band's better vocal moments, of which there are many, it shines when it comes to presenting the group's musicianship. Every instrument comes through with a great mix and the right dominance when necessary. What's more is that the band is only a three-piece, and the variation of sounds coming through at times seems as though it would be coming from a larger ensemble.

Shake Up is a really good record that shows YMATAB have the potential to make their next one a great record.

While there might be a lot of bands making waves with sounds similar to You Me and the Atom Bomb, it remains largely an American sound despite obvious debts to Leatherface. Shake Up is a great addition to the sound from the other side of the ocean and it would be a shame if it were overlooked. Now if only I can get a ticket to Gainesville.