Now this was a weird one.. when booking SATANIC SURFERS in November 2005 we tried to hook up a support from the guys in JETS VS SHARKS, they couldn't do it but mentioned that JvsS guitarist Tim was a massive Satanics fan and had a band called YOU ME AND THE ATOM BOMB which I knew little about, so I thought I'd better find out about them by offering the show.

They came along (made the stagetime by the skin of their teeth – bloody London traffic) and the trio just blew me away. Even though they didn't sound check and were freaked out from a 4 hour traffic jam they started to play and the songs were some of the best gritty punk rock melodies I had heard this side of THE LAWRENCE ARMS/BROADWAYS, AVAIL and the whole NO IDEA RECORDS back catalogue. Added to the fact they were some of the friendliest guys I had met – I had a blast – then we had a opening on the show at The Underworld in December and at a day's notice the guys came up form Portsmouth and played a winner, I think a few more of you noticed them that time... so welcome to Tim, Hud and Dan.

YOU ME AND THE ATOM BOMB recorded their debut album called SHAKE UP with Peter Miles this spring and you can get your hands on it on June 19th 2006.