Save Ferris - Modified (Cover Artwork)

Save Ferris

Modified (1999)


By the time 1999 rolled around, ska was dead in the mainstream. Many bands began to think about breaking up, or at least dropping the ska sound from their repitoire. Others just expanded their sound, to include a lot more influences, while still keeping the ska beat. Put Save Ferris in that catagory.

When their 2nd CD "It Means Everything" burst onto the scene in 1997, it was welcomed with open arms. It sounded just like Reel Big Fish, only with a female singer, a HOT female singer. While some people dismissed them as a cheap No Doubt rip-off, Save Ferris was anything but. Vocalist Monique Powell is classically trained, giving SF's songs a certain dignified air, no matter how silly the subject matter.

With "Modified", Save Ferris venture into somewhat darker territory then on their previous releases. Sure there are the upbeat pop-punk and ska-pop tunes such as "Turn It Up" and "What You See is What you Get", but there is also some gloomier (by Save Ferris standards) fare. Songs such as "Your Friend" and "Angry Situation" deal with more adult subject matter, and the album closer "Let Me In" could easily be a Sarah McLachlan ballad. It's sort of hard to swallow this change in image, from happy go-lucky ska-punks to serious musicians, but the music is still good, and thats all that matters.

From what I understand, a couple of horn players have left the band, and SF is now considering going on without any horns at all. I don't see this as a good thing, as they worked as a ska-pop band. At one point, I had hoped that "Modified" was proof that they still had a lot of good ska-punk to deliver, but I am starting to think that perhaps it's Save Ferris's last, dying gasp.