Ghost Mice - The Debt of the Dead (Cover Artwork)

Ghost Mice

The Debt of the Dead (2004)


Well, this record has been out for a couple years now, and with the sudden interest in folk punk (you didn't think Against Me! wouldn't be mentioned or eluded to in this review, now did you? It's here, people) I felt I had to review this after listening to it tonight.

I first heard of Ghost Mice from their split with Defiance, Ohio. Ghost Mice put out a very solid half of the split and as their counterpart on the album was Defiance, Ohio, I was very intrigued after all. The Debt of the Dead was my first proper introduction to the band (the split I'd only checked out because of D,OH), and what a great introduction it is. I was instantly hooked by how clean the record sounded for a DIY anarchist acoustic band. All the vocal harmonies are nicely highlighted, and the production is just perfect to allow it to sound clean, while not overproduced.

Now, onto content. Ghost Mice's lyrical content revolves around the positive and this record is no exception. With songs like "Hang on Kids" and "Alas Babylon," it can inspire feelings of hope and optimism, even when you're having a horrible day. The urgency that some of the songs are delivered with ("Lightning Bolt," "Up the Punks" [sadly not an acoustic mock Casualties cover, but still a great song], and "The Road Goes on Forever") make the record very enjoyable.

As a fan of folk punk, or whatever you want to call it, I feel that Ghost Mice are one of the top bands in the genre. Listening to some other PIX bands and Riot-Folk artists I don't feel they possess the same energy and originality that Ghost Mice do. Many of the other bands can get boring and a little depressing, but Ghost Mice are a nice, unique band in a world full of mediocrity.