Bigwig - An Invitation to Tragedy (Cover Artwork)
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An Invitation to Tragedy (2001)


Bigwig.... its almost impossible to categorize their sound. If you were to hear them without being familiar with their background, you would naturally assume they were another So-Cal band. But these guys hail from New Jersey.
Huh, wha....?

Bigwig is back with their 3rd and highly anticipated album "an invitation to tragedy". And from my perspective it is the best material they have ever put out. As opposed to their previous sound, Bigwig has matured quite a bit as a band, and musically. The songs are much more structured and lack that "we wrote this dumbass song in my mom's basement" appeal. Sure its fun for a few years but you have to move on. And they've done precisely that.

The most noticeable change in "aitt" is the various tempos used throughout the tracks. Bigwig have come to adopt a more Good Riddance, Strike Anywhere -esque rhythm. As opposed to the normal up tempo, slash-through melody on every song, Bigwig have almost perfected the fine art of the drawn-out riff. Combined with shout-along lyrics, this packs quite a powerful punch and diversifies the album intensely.

Of course the trademark min-guitar solo is still evident in many tracks. Case in point, 'Mr. Asshole', which has some of the best Bigwig lyrics I've ever heard. Other fav's of the record include 'Sink or Swim', the mid-tempo 'Moosh', and the album's best track, saved for last, 'Static'. Additionally, I don't think anyone can claim Bigwig as being ungrateful. Just take a look at that thank you list. God damn. These guys name almost the entire punk community of bands. Its nice to have friends.

Like 'em or loathe 'em, these guys aint going nowhere. With "an invitation to tragedy', Bigwig have hit the mark.