Life Long Tragedy / Final Fight - Split [7 inch] (Cover Artwork)
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Life Long Tragedy / Final Fight

Split [7 inch] (2006)


Deathwish, Inc. has decided to tease hardcore fans by showcasing two of their best new signings on one convenient split 7" / digital EP. With one full-length apiece already in the bank, Life Long Tragedy and Final Fight further prove their weight with two mighty songs each.

If this was a competition, Life Long Tragedy would win by a nose. While their style is very Deathwish-centric as you'll read ahead, it's also incredibly well-thought out and varied. The first track offers straight-up intensity in the verses; lyrics are spit with a screamed, fiery conviction not unlike that of Killing the Dream. But then, "Soul Search Party" breaks into a rousing, shout-along chorus proving LLT hold a firm grasp on a key capability: dynamics. It honestly makes things that much better. Their other song, "Sweet Innocence" paints an equally morose picture (the first line blatantly declares "I walk through the darkest rooms"), but in a more restrained, methodical sense, this time the band bearing a notable similarity to Modern Life Is War.

This isn't to say Final Fight don't know what they're doing. The band plays one of the most melodic adaptations of youth crew hardcore thinkable, while still keeping an intense edge; it's not far from the likes of the Pacific northwest's interpretation (Comeback Kid, Champion, etc.) of the east coast style. Actually, what little I'd heard of Final Fight prior to the split unnerved me a little because of some sporadic, cheesy elements. Here it occurs once: During "Rage" there's some momentary "ahh"s in the background that counter David Tiano's energetic yell just a bit too much. However, it's a brief, questionable moment within two otherwise completely solid tracks. The rest of "Rage" contains a wild, wailing guitar, and towards its end reminds me a lot of Comeback Kid's "The Trouble I Love." "T.S." doesn't lack in its purpose either, starting off the split's second half with a bang.

While the brevity here is frustrating, Life Long Tragedy and Final Fight have absolutely succeeded in their mission: leaving fans salivating at the mouth for far, far more. 2007 here we come.

Life Long Tragedy - Sweet Innocence
Final Fight - Rage