Botch - 061502 [DVD/CD] (Cover Artwork)


061502 [DVD/CD] (2006)

Hydra Head

I am going to go out on a limb and declare Botch one of the greatest heavy bands of all time. The quartet from Tacoma was a sonic force to be reckoned with, destroying crowds throughout the world till 2002. June 15, 2002, approximately 1200 kids piled into The Showbox in Seattle to witness one last glimpse of Botch's creatively violent take on the world of heavy music. An announcement of a DVD specially for those that missed out was announced years ago, and finally, after many days of wallowing in a Botch-less world, 061502 has been released.

The whole impressive package is that 14-song-long set from June 15 and an accompanying live CD of that show. The set list is very finely chosen, taking equal doses from the entire discography and even including the fantastic cover of "Rock Lobster." The sound on the DVD, considering the fact that the show wasn't necessarily going to be made into a DVD at the time, is great. All of Dave Knudsen's manipulative nutty distortion tricks sound just as unstoppably heavy as on the albums. The onstage banter is even kept in. Starting with "St. Mathew Returns to the Womb" and finishing with "Man the Ramparts," it is a spectacular set through and through.

Unfortunately, since the show was filmed but not filmed with a DVD release in mind, much of the camera work is quite grainy. There are some good angles, but the editing too often starts to flash back and forth from different cameras too quickly, often with the accompaniment of a strobe light. It is incredibly hard to actually watch the show when these rapid-fire scenes take place, but it only happens a few times.

Added bonuses include a few live songs performed in Bellingham and a music video for "St. Mathew Returns to the Womb." But the true shining moment of the entire disc is the included commentary that seemed to delay the release of the DVD for so long. The band gets together to have a few beers, ridicule themselves, ridicule others, and explain the best and the worst that was Botch. It is an interesting insight to hear which riffs make the top 5 coolest Botch ever performed and such. Often times commentaries on many DVDs are dreadfully boring and that is not the case here. And if anything, to hear bassist Brian Cook say what everyone has always thought about Norma Jean makes the purchase entirely worth it.

Those that saw this show live were treated to a fitting testament to one of the best heavy bands of the past decade. For a band whose fan-base practically grew exponentially after the break-up, 061502 is a perfect display of the ferociousness of a band that had few peers in its time and still blows most bands of today out of the water.