Bigwig - An Invitation to Tragedy (Cover Artwork)


An Invitation to Tragedy (2001)


WOW!!! Is the first word that comes to mind, I've never really been into Bigwig..everyone I know praises the band, but I always seem to skip over them when buying CDs.

All I had to hear was the song "Sink or Swim" from the warped tour comp, from that song...and judging from coutless other comps I own that the band has contributed to, I had to buy something from them.

It's some of what I expected, really fast, very intricate guitars, and thundering drums and bass lines. It incorporates a lot of different elements of music here...punk, metal, hardcore and very little pop, just enough to give it that little twist the music needs.

The first track "Waste" is great. A kick ass song..that leaves your outlook for the rest of the album looking up. "Sink or Swim" is the second track and, even though it's still a good song (the metal riffage was extremely well done) It's getting old, and its the one song I think the album could have done without..being the fact it was already on the warped tour comp. Other great songs include "Mr. Asshole", "Home in New Jersey", ahhh fuck it, all the songs are good.

It's a must for Bigwig fans..or for people who have been living under a rock (like me) and haven't really discovered the band. One of the few bands I've heard who can take the basic sound of fast punk and add a few different musical aspects and make it work...and it fuckin' works people.

Check this out...after ignoring this band for five years they finally got my damn attention, and I haven't strayed away since. It's damn good music.