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Best of 2006

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2006 brings me my first year-end list as a news editor here at the Org. I've gone from being Sally_Field: semi-hated staff reviewer to just plain 'ole Meg: maybe still-semi hated and the only editorial source of estrogen on Punknews. Despite any flack I've received, these past six months as an editor have been a great experience for me and it's still a privilege to work with such awesome dudes and bring you all the news you need and don't need to know. Thanks for making it memorable, Punknews.

Okay, back on track. While I don't completely disagree with my list from last year, if I had the opportunity I would definitely re-do it. I made my list carefully this year in hopes I won't regret my choices a year from now.

Top 10 Albums
10. Crime in Stereo - The Troubled Stateside
With lyrical content describing the struggles of humanity, it would have been easy for The Troubled Stateside to be a depressing album. However, with the even more melodic than before sound, Crime in Stereo manage to avoid the morose feel and create an uplifting album.
9. Owen - At Home with Owen
At Home With doesn't seem as consistent as I Do Percieve, yet Mike Kinsella's charming voice and thoughtful lyrics continue to make his releases listenable and loveable.
8. Outbreak - Failure
Bridge Nine
Although the music isn't as blatantly hate-fueled and vulgar as in my favorite Outbreak release (You Make Us Sick), the band's still making fast, solid hardcore.
7. Sinking Ships - Disconnecting
Highlights here include the catchiness of "Auburn," the unexpected guest vocals from Scott from Shook Ones in "The Next Time I Go," and the Modern Life Is War - "By The Sea" of "Wait," but together, Disconnecting is an exceptionally well put-together, cohesive unit of heavy, yet still melodic hardcore.
6. Ceremony - Violence, Violence
I don't care what mood I come into listening to this album with, it leaves me feeling a good way. This album offers a little over 20 minutes of pure, blistering rage and despite it not being an album of completely new material, the new tracks could stand alone in making Violence, Violence intense.
5. Brand New - The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me
I didn't have huge expectations for Brand New, because while I've enjoyed both of their previous albums at their respective times of release, they never really made a huge mark with me. This album changed that.
4. This Is Hell - Sundowning
In 2006, This is Hell easily became one of my favourite hardcore acts, both live and recorded and Sundowning is a major part of why.
3. Set Your Goals - Mutiny!
I'm not sure there's anything to be said about Set Your Goals that I haven't already, but this album manages to be insanely fun and passionate, while remaining relatively serious at the same time.
2. Saves the Day - Sound the Alarm
This album reminded me of why I love Saves the Day, especially with the melodic and aggressive "The End."
1. Have Heart - The Things We Carry
Bridge Nine
Despite not immediately clicking with me, The Things We Carry ended up being my favorite and most listened to album of 2006. Through every listen I've learned to appreciate every aspect of this album on a different level.
Honourable Mentions

Rocky Votolato - Makers, the Hope Conspiracy - Death Knows Your Name, Verse - From Anger and Rage, Cursive - Happy Hollow, Good Clean Fun - From Christian Rock to a Hard Place, Folly - Resist Convenience, Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins - Rabbit Fur Coat, and Dead Hearts - Bitter Verses

Top 4 EPs
4. Death Is not Glamorous - Undercurrents
Dead and Gone
3. Shook Ones - Slaughter of the Insole
2. Champion / Betrayed - Split
1. Saves the Day - Bug Sessions Volume One
    Side A
  1. Cursive - Opening the Hymnal/Babies
  2. Saves the Day - The End
  3. Set Your Goals - An Old Book Misread
  4. Ceremony - Living Hell
  5. Brand New - Jesus Christ
  6. This is Hell - Permanence
  7. Another Breath - Catharsis (The Conclusion)
    Side B
  1. Sinking Ships - Wait
  2. Owen - Bad News
  3. Outbreak - Down Not Out
  4. Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins - Rise Up With Fists
  5. Crime in Stereo - Abre Los Ojos
  6. Shook Ones - So Grown Up
  7. Dead Hearts - Innocence
  8. Have Heart - Watch Me Rise

For 2007, I'm curious to see how new material from Comeback Kid and Shai Hulud will sound with the change in vocalists (though Shai Hulud certainly has adapted well previously). I'm also hoping the Postal Service really did begin writing new material this past June and will finally put out another full-length. Aside from those, hopefully the artists in my top 10 will release more outstanding material.