Radon - 28 (Cover Artwork)


28 (1998)

No Idea

RADON was the best band to come out of Gainesville, Florida in the 90's. Period. Less Than Who? Hot Water What?

"28." This is their legacy. Along with two 7"s and a few compilation tracks, these ten songs represent the musical revolution that was happening in Gainesville in the early 90's. Along with other bands like the mighty SPOKE, they brought a sense of melody and urgency that was long since missing in Hogtown.

Some of RADON's influences are obvious: Brent's 'Step Mother Earth' and 'Feline Growth' owe tons to HUSKER DU. The grinding guitars and howled vocals would give Mould and company a run for their money. Others are less so. The simple pop riffs of Dave's 'Lying To You' and 'Grandma's Cootie' are more akin to Johnny Marr of the SMITHS than any 'punk' guitar great.

To a new ear, this may seem like simple, sloppy punk. Listen again. This was life for alot of us in 1993, and if you take the time, you can hear it. I guess you may have had to see this band live, to scream along with hundreds of sweaty kids at the Hardback (O-AHA! O-AHA! WAY-AH! WAY-AH!), to wait for YEARS to finally get this record. But if you play this LP, I think you'll hear it for yourself.