Various - Take Action! Volume 6 [2-CD/DVD] (Cover Artwork)
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Take Action! Volume 6 [2-CD/DVD] (2007)

Sub City

Take Action!'s 2006 volume of their charity compilation series was definitely one of their best yet, and it was all due to the idea of acknowledging the nü-emo takeover and then combating it with a disc of modern, more clearly defined punk rock. It was sort of like a more clerical, sensible update on that ambivalent Punk vs. Emo compilation from a few years back.

Maybe Sub City just couldn't find enough bands for a proper sequel, but unfortunately the second disc keeps the punk thing up for about 10 tracks or so (counting Heavens and a Rise Against PSA, mind you) and then gives in. What a bummer! It's not like Damiera, Copeland, the Honorary Title (a previously unreleased song, no less!) aren't bands I like, but, well, the others on that disc's second half I could definitely do without, to say the least.

However, Sub City probably realized how sore of a disappointment for four people this would be, so likely in its place is a packed out DVD. Seriously, there's fucking 29 videos on it. I'm sure most if not all are available on the Internet, but still, this delves into a couple genres and produces a few gems aurally, visually, or both. Emery's "Studying Politics" is definitely one of their better songs from their last album, and watching them play in a boxing ring looks fun. Scary Kids Scaring Kids made a horrible first full-length, but watching them rock out in their van in "My Darkest Hour" is actually mildly funny. Speaking of terrible songs and good videos, Hellogoodbye's "Here in Your Arms" tops them; the dance-techno song itself is hilariously intolerable, but the video is clearly "Wet Hot American Summer" influenced and consequently gets my highest rating -- good job, boys. Murder by Death's video takes place in a bar -- shock! awe! -- but the splendid "Brother" is executed well. Heavens absolutely nail "Patent Pending"'s `80s post-punk vibe with their grainy clip, leading the viewer to really believe they're playing on some Latino (?) talk show from two decades ago. Set Your Goals' "Mutiny!" is cheesy but well-done, while Strike Anywhere could have a video of them sitting in their living room playing video games and I wouldn't care "Instinct" is so good. Funeral for a Friend's war-torn video for "History" would probably be touching if I could get through the song -- and no, I don't plan on muting the TV. The terrible anachronism of the Rubix cube pretty much ruins Every Time I Die's "New Black" for me.

Over on the discs there's your granted array of hits and misses. Escape the Fate shows why `80s hair metal sucked while the Bled show `00s metalcore doesn't always suck; No Trigger "Bust Tropical" while I'd much rather So They Say not "Break the Silence"; the Falcon flies high with their awesomely laid back "The La-z-Boy 500" while Crash Romeo...well, crash with "Life Camp"; These Arms Are Snakes give me yet another reason to finally check out their albums while Drop Dead, Gorgeous drop dead don't. The Honorary Title definitely sound unusually dancey on "Untouched & Intact," but it kinda works.

Those already well-versed with this variety of music may not get a huge chunk of personal satisfaction out of Volume 6, but it should be remembered as always where the buyer's money would go. Newcomers, welcome aboard -- this is a great collection of bands to reap the goods from and make a charitable contribution at the same time.