Bad Religion - Into the Unknown (Cover Artwork)

Bad Religion

Into the Unknown (1983)


First off this album is the punkest thing you'll ever hear in your lifetime... But really, I know you were just pleading for someone to review it weren't you? Since there's been much hype around the new Bad Religion album, I've decided there should be a review of the "outcast" album: "Into the Unknown"

As a matter of fact, some Bad Religion fans don't even know this album exists, it's out of print, rarely mentioned by the band, and hasn't been played live (ever?) maybe because some of the members of Bad Religion would like if the album never did exist.

Synthesizers, Acoustics, and keyboards oh my. Back in 1983 this album was a sin to the punk community. I don't know if releasing it was a joke or what, but it caused almost all of BR's fan base to leave in an instant, even members of the band left after this album.

Sure BR redeemed themselves with Back to the Known ('84) a amazing punk album, but to this day, Into the Unknown leaves an rather sour memory. As a punk album, this album is complete and utter crap, but it's not a punk album, so it's unfair to say that.

When I listen to it, I actually think early-mid 70's arena-rock. To tell you the truth, damn good 70's arena rock. Boston, Kansas, Yes, Peter Frampton all come to mind whenever I hear this album.

"Time and Disregard" a 7 minute keyboard, 70's powerchord, radio friendly chorus infested song, makes me want to pop on some Frampton comes alive. "Billy Gnosis" makes me think of the late 60's somewhat of a Buffalo Springfield or Crosby Stills Nash and Young vibe. If this album came out in 1973, I'm telling you Bad Religion would be as big as Led Zeppelin. "You give up" has a creepy piano hook running through it, into blazing riffs and more synthesizer action, I think I love this album.

Again if Bad Religion was a 70's arena-rock band like Boston, I'd give this album a 10, but this is a punk board so I'll judge it by that. And so I end my review... Who says Bad Religion always sounds repetitive?