Radon - Metric Buttloads of Rock! (Cover Artwork)
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Metric Buttloads of Rock! (2006)

No Idea

Just let me be candid here: I'm not an old-school fan of Radon. They were always one of those bands I'd heard people speak of with such fervor and admiration, but whether it was laziness, skepticism, whatever, I just never got around to checking them out. My first exposure to them was their performance at The Fest V. Amidst everyone going crazy for them I wondered why I'd been depriving myself for so long.

So here we have Metric Buttloads of Rock!, Radon's first full-length in 15 years. The band doesn't seem to have lost much during their 'indefinite hiatus,' as the forefathers of the Gainesville scene turn in an extremely fun batch of melodic rock. "Write Back or Get Smacked" kicks things off nicely with a catchy chorus and some nice utilization of acoustic guitar. Driving guitar melodies and catchy choruses akin to the Replacements and Hüsker Dü are audible all over Radon's sound, especially in the appropriately titled "Minneapolis." "King of The Sh1tlist" adds a little twang to the fold and lyrically borders on the ridiculous. "Control Room" is a politically-charged track with some great lines like this: "We've got our frequencies set to make indecency sound like the best remedy for everyone;" "Just keep your eyes fixed on the dream that tens of thousands haven't died in vain, and the wolves in power will care for their sheep."

Much more of the lyrical content of Metric Buttloads of Rock! is that of the humorous variety, evident by song titles such as "Rehab Barbie," "Four Inches of Heaven," and "Turn in Your Balls." Musical proficiency and humor are usually not found on the same song or record, so it's refreshing to hear a band like Radon not take themselves too seriously, while releasing some seriously killer music. Here's to hoping this reunion is at least a semi-permanent one.