The Undeclinables - One For The Money  (as Undeclinable Ambuscade) (Cover Artwork)

The Undeclinables

One For The Money (as Undeclinable Ambuscade) (1998)

Epitaph Europe

I always ask myself one question when I hear this band. Why don't more people know about them??

Basically they're a Dutch melodicore band along the lines of Pulley, who are on Epitaph Europe, and as a consequence theyre albums aren't available in America, so therefore you hear nothing of them in the press (as it seems thats what goes on in the American music industry apperars to be the most important thing in the world!)

The album really exceeds all expectaions of a small band on a big label. The album starts off with 'Since '92' a sneering beast giving a big Fuck Off! to all the people who say they're not punk enough. Next we have such gems as 'Chatterbox', a song about a mine-clearer who has his limbs blown off while trying to clear land in a residential area.

The album is basically full of fast meaningful songs that blow your socks off, as the way in which the band can harmonise is fantastic! Every single member of the band sings on the record, and, in my opinion, they have one of the best guitar sounds in punk (after Hot Water Music). Everything about this band makes them stand out ie. the singers voice, as he's Dutch hes got a strange twang that, allbeit takes a bit of getting used to makes the harmonies sound crips and excellent.

The only place i'm aware of that you can get the album if you live outside Europe is In general, a punk album that everyone should own for its diversity and content!