Back in 1992, three classmates were making music in Jasper's 2 square meters room. Jasper sang and played guitar, Skanne had a bass and Jorg played drums on a really pathetic Casio–childrens–keyboard. What we did actually sounded a bit like music so we decided to form a band. Jorg loaned some money to buy a real drumkit and that's when Undeclinable Ambuscade was born.

In a couple of weeks we did a "gig" at our school and believe it or not: some people actually liked it! What we made was nothing more than really easy–to–play guitar–rock. Untill the day Jorg showed up with the classic Nofx album "White Thrash, Two Heebs and a Been"...

We were so impressed by the melodies, fastness and the feel–good–vibe, that we decided to make music more like this. We figured out pretty soon, that we needed a second guitar–player for this kind of stuff, so that's when Helmer came in the band. We found him in a snackbar and asked him to join us because he had a really funny hairdo.

Actually we had now become the first Dutch band that played melodic punk–rock based on the Californian wave of new punk–rock bands. As this music and it's scene became bigger in Holland as well, we went pretty good from the beginning on. We made a demo, played a lot of shows (compared to other beginning bands) and took part in a regional musical contest. Doesn't sound really punk, but we never expected to even be invited for the first rounds... We finally ended up in the Grand Finals of this contest (Wraak van Brabant) and seemed to be the audiences favourites!!

Just after this contest Dennis joined the band so that Jasper could focus only on his singing. We started recording some songs which we brought out ourselves on the albums "SoftsqueakingErnieonSwing" and "Fastflavouredfartcoreforourfinestfistfuckingfoolsandfriends". These albums brought us a lot of shows and more people got to know us. We played with R.K.L. in Amsterdam (crazy band) and with the Offspring in Den Bosch (our hometown) and the company our former manager Woody worked for wanted to support us on a new release. This is when we recorded "Their Greatest Adventures". It was originally released by Sonic Rendezvous.

This album really made the brake for us and Epitaph got interested in us. They decided to re–release "Their Greatest Adventures". This meant that we got even better opportunities to play and we ended up at some really big festivals in Holland (Pinkpop, Dynamo, Lowlands). We also started playing more in other countries like Belgium and Germany.

The two albums we really made for Epitaph ("One for the Money" and "Sound City Burning") have brought us further and further... We have been touring Europe with Ten Foot Pole and Buckwild, we did head–line tours in Spain, Italy, Uk, Holland and Belgium so far.

In august 2005 leadsinger Jasper Vergeer decided to quit the band. He couldn't motivate himself to finish the album we recorded and he didn't want to be touring intensively after the release. So the band almost called it quits, but after loads of dissapointed reactions from the fans, they decided to go look for a new singer and finish the album. After long auditions we found a leadsinger in the person of Erik van Haaren, singer of Dutch (punk)rockers One in a Million!! At this very moment he's recording the vocals for the new album and as soon as we've finished we'll start touring again!!