Limbeck - Limbeck (Cover Artwork)
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Limbeck (2007)


Plenty of punk bands have gone on to forge straits in alt-country. Influential acts like the Replacements, the Lemonheads and latter-day bands like the Weakerthans and Drag the River that feature members of prominent punk bands have shown that there's more to country than tractors, nationalism, and being a redneck. Orange County's Limbeck also began their careers with more of a punk approach in their split with fellow Orange County pop-punkers Home Grown. However, Limbeck made the transformation to alt-country much more quickly than their predecessors.

Limbeck's latest offering is an appropriate extension of their past work in a mixture of pop hooks, country twangs, and basic rock and roll structures. This tried and true formula has worked for decades, and Limbeck appear to have carved out a nice little niche in the punk scene with their country-infused sound.

That said, this record seems to have less of the songs that will satisfy the punk crowd, as there aren't really the "'91 Honda"s, "29 Times"s or "Watchin' the Moon Rise Over Town"s that exploded with energy in the past. However, "Keeping Busy" is easily one of the best songs on the album with an upbeat rhythm and an implausibly catchy chorus. "Let's Get Crazy" follows a similar path to success while working in some country guitar playing and a foot-tapping rhythm. The folksy "Your Story" trots to a clap-along beat, a steady, bobbing bassline, and twangy guitar playing.

The majority of the album's music is simple yet breezy country rock with equally to-the-point lyrics about everyday life. More than a couple songs feature additional instruments like keyboard, tambourines, and trombones like in the standout rock song "Wake Up."

Limbeck is Limbeck, pure and simple. Their light-hearted brand of country is slightly less energetic here than previous offerings, but still proves an enjoyable listen -- great for long drives, lazy afternoons, or any time fun, easygoing music is deemed ideal.