Ultimate Fakebook - This Will Be Laughing Week (Cover Artwork)

Ultimate Fakebook

This Will Be Laughing Week (2000)


Pop-punk has stirred quite an argument lately. Some people think that punk bands are pop, and some people claim pop bands are punk. The "true punkers" seem to enjoy some "pop punk," while others stick to the harcore bands like "Strung Out," "Jugheads Revenge," and "Good Riddence." Personally I believe if it's good music then it doesn't matter what category it falls under.

While it is true the band known as "Ultimate Fakebook" is in fact a pop-punk band, people will argue that they are not talented. Well, they seem to prove wrong in a record that has ear-popping melodies, and some excellent song writing. Not to mention the uniqueness of the singers voice as he hits some high notes (which gives this record a whole new meaning).

The record starts out will a fairly fast song compared to some of the songs on the album. It is a song that you will listen to over and over again because of the catchy lyrics. It is called "She Don't Even Know My Name," and is one of the best songs on the album. The next song, "Tell Me What You Want" keeps the same pace as the first song with some very nice guitar riffs. The third song "Of Course We Will" is a little more slow overall than the first two, but keeps your interest with the nice melody and beat. The fourth song on the album called "Brokyn Needle" seems to have quite a bit of energy throughtout the song with some cool guitar solos in the middle. Finally we come to a reason I was dissapointed with this record. It's song number five, "A Million Hearts," and it seems to put me to sleep from the start with a short piano solo. Very slow song from start to finish. Enough about that, because the next song on the cd is my personal favorite called, "Soaked in Cinnamon." This song will blow you away to where you will be singing it aloud. Very cool song, all I can say is you will know what I'm talking about when you hear it. Song seven, "This Will Be Laughing Week is wierd as hell, starting off with a banjo, and is quite boring. It is one of those songs that the band could do without. Song Eight, "Little Apple Girl," is another mentionable song, as it is fast paced and has very nice guitar melodies, and some of the best lyrics on the cd. The next song, "I'm All Out Of It Now," (which is only 1:30 long) reminds me of "This Will Be Laughing Week".

Sounds to me like they just did something totally random, and threw it on the album. It picks up the normal sound again in, "Far, Far Away." This song has a badass intro, and then proceeds to a sound that would be played on a road trip with your friends. "Glitter And Glue," is another one of my favorite songs that holds a very excellent melody. Song twelve called, "Downstairs/Arena Rock" is the "punkest" song on the album with some knock out guitar solos, that make this song seem like it is played a bit harder than the rest. "Real Drums" is an all around slow song that lost my interest ten-seconds into it, with the singers voice being muffled. Finally the last song called "Perfect Hair," is just so damn ridiculous, but somehow is one of the coolest songs on the record. The lyrics are quite different especially when the lead singer remarks, "Perfect hair is all we really need." It almost makes you laugh, but at the same time you start to believe he has got a point.

While some of the songs are dissapointing in this full length album, the rest shine to make this cd a very good listen. The record is definitely not a "must have," but if you like bands that keep a good melody, and are just plain fun to listen too I suggest you try "Ultimate Fakebook."