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Broadway Calls

Broadway Calls (2007)

State of Mind

On their self-titled full-length, Broadway Calls reign in a bit of the latter and give a little more of the former on their pop-punk sound, but the result is a noticeable improvement on their Call the Medic... EP. With bold sing-along-able choruses, subtle hooks, and an overall diverse set of songs on hand it's hard not to like a lot of what Broadway Calls does here.

The best comparison I can make here is the Loved Ones, as I can see any fan of Keep Your Heart clinging rather mightily to Broadway Calls (and this isn't the first time I've drawn that parallel). The newer material of Bay Area's First to Leave might also provide a sensible RIYL, for those who are familiar with the band anyway. The very opener, "Call It Off" is an absolute barnburner; listen to the energetic lines of "we hit the switch and call off all executions / call off all celebrations / this is the last song written" and try to resist singing along -- it's a challenge.

Broadway Calls love melody and spill it forth anywhere they can, but in smart, not-so-overbearing ways. "Van Rides and High Tides" closes wrapped in a mid-tempo, anthemic frame. "Escape from Capital Hill" uses vocal trade-offs to create a sense of urgency and excitement. The acoustic "Save Our Ship" and "Meet Me at Washington Park" seem to challenge Ty Vaughn's moderately shaky voice a bit more than usual, but he manages to ride his wave of confidence through both. "A Rush and a Push and the Land Is Ours" is an interesting route for the band, with some deliberate, heavy upstroking, a medium pace, desperate, eyes-clenched singing, and a serious coating of melancholy -- it sounds like nothing else on the album, really, and stands out for that reason.

Overall, Broadway Calls is definitely a little lengthy for my liking, but it still surpasses my expectations, adding yet another solid release to State of Mind's growing discography.

Call It Off
Back to Oregon
Classless Reunion