The Methadones - This Won't Hurt... (Cover Artwork)
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The Methadones

This Won't Hurt... (2007)

Red Scare

Dan Vapid's probably close to having an aneurysm his brain has hurt for so many years, but with every passing migraine has come another solid batch of three-to-four-chord pop-punk tunes with his band, the Methadones. This particular headache must be a doozy despite its title of denial -- This Won't Hurt... is the Methadones' best proper full-length since 2003's Career Objective.

After taking a break from writing original material (though the band's more vicious critics might ask "When were they writing original material?") with last year's covers collection, 21st Century Power Pop Riot, the Methadones return with This Won't Hurt..., which really doesn't sound all that different from their previous efforts. That being said, they haven't worn out their ability to write catchy and enjoyable pop-punk songs, like the mid-tempo "Poor Little Rich Girl," and one of the album's more incessant, brash, and energetic numbers, "Turning Up the Noise." There's even a heartfelt acoustic number in "I Believe."

In the band's defense, by this album it feels like they've developed their own identity beyond the always well-founded comparisons to Screeching Weasel, Vapid's former band. It's odd; the Methadones haven't necessarily progressed terribly far beyond their old selves, but there have been enough subtle changes through the years to finally call them unique: There's Vapid's familiar voice, bouncing mid-paced chords and the occasional call-and-response burst (without the actual response).

This Won't Hurt... is also shorter than 2004's Not Economically Viable (the album it's properly following up) by seven or eight minutes. Viable did feel a little bloated at its 40-minute or so running time, so This Won't Hurt...'s relative brevity definitely proves to be a selling point.

The Methadones deliver yet another well-rounded effort with their proper Red Scare debut that any fan of the band would do well to invest in.

Getting Older / Losing Touch
Poor Little Rich Girl